OMSA is the voice of the offshore service industry, an active and dynamic trade association working tirelessly to promote the common good of our members. In short, we are:
America’s Lifeline to Offshore Energy. 



This law requires seaborne cargo shipped between two U.S. points to be carried by U.S.-built, crewed, and owned vessels and is critical to our security. Learn more about OMSA’s efforts to bring better enforcement by following the link below.    



OMSA's advocacy produces the playing field the offshore industry needs to thrive. We also keep our members apprised of the information they need to operate. In addition, OMSA provides access to industry-leaders and decision makers. 




OMSA hosts a number of events, including committee meetings, forums, as well as golf tournaments.


America’s Lifeline to Offshore Energy – It’s not just a motto, it’s our mission. 

The offshore service and maritime industries are vital economic engines that ensure our nation has the energy and resources it needs to thrive. These industries are composed of a diverse fleet of technological complex vessels that keeps the heart of America's energy industry beating vigorously.

Our industry also provides good-paying, family-supporting jobs to thousands of Americans and provides for our national and homeland security by supplying the mariners and industrial base for our merchant marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. 

OMSA successfully advocates for and protects this industry by representing its members before Congress, the Coast Guard, and other government and regulatory bodies. Championing safety and progress within the offshore sector and serving as the unified voice on the diverse issues that impact the continued viability of America’s offshore energy resources.

Above all, we proactively encourage and advance the highest standards of safety and environmental protection for which the industry is known.


Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA)

OMSA is the advocate for the offshore marine transportation service industry in the United States.  The Association represents 170-member companies and their 12,000 U.S. employees based throughout the U.S.

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America’s lifeline to offshore energy